Rak Elegant

                                                                      Rak Spa @Rak Elegant Hotel Patong.

                                                                            Restore Your Body  Refresh Your Mind and Soul             

Rak Spa Massage and Wellness is a wellness center that cares about your body, mind and soul. Our qualified and experienced massage therapists are here to assist with getting your body to function from chronic pain or injury or just to relieve the daily stress through a good treatment. We have a variety of treatments to choose from and we provide complimentary tea or coffee after the treatment for the clients to have a chance to unwind after the massage and slowly adjust to real-life outside the doors.

Our Widely Popular Package Offer to you @ Rak Spa 

Foot Massage

Our massage therapists operate on the belief that applying pressure to the more than 7,000 nerves in the foot can release energetic blockages in the rest of the body. Foot massage and reflexology can be used as pain relief, to help alleviate stress and even to speed up injury recovery.

Traditionally, foot massages are performed using the hands, although treatments may sometimes include the use of sticks or rollers to more effectively stimulate the reflex areas in the foot.

Thai massage

Our popular Package. Thai massage is characterized by its energizing and rigorous process more than other classic massages. It is also considered a healing massage because it is famously used to treat and cure many muscle problems while it clears any energy blockages, restores balance, and strengthens the body.

Aroma Massage

Pamper yourself with a relaxing massage using aromatic essential oils infused with herbal extracts.  Made with the purest, cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil, our unique blends are carefully curated for extra relaxation and maximum skin nurturing.  The delicate aroma of the oil will stimulate the senses and relax you, while its healing properties nourish and rejuvenate the cells.