Rak Elegant

Rak to Eat Restaurant @Rak Elegant Hotel Patong, Phuket, Thailand

“Rak” means  love in Thai. Our restaurant created a delectable culinary from our love into magnificent dishes. Rak to Eat transport dinners on a palatable experience of distinct local flavors and international favorites which offer bold tastes and tantalize refined palates.

Join our passionate chefs as they take you into the heartbeat of Patong Beach. Take in colorful sights, unique smells and lively sounds of the early morning market. Chat with friendly local characters, sample juicy fruits, aromatic spices and herbs laid out welcomingly, or just browse the stalls piled high with produce that sellers are proud to showcase. This is where traditions and customs of our chef continue to thrive.

A delectable culinary journey as east meets west awaits at some of the best restaurants in Patong Beach, Phuket Thailand.